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Collaborative Working

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC), with 43 Hillingdon GP Practices as our members.

We recognise we are working to the good of the people in our local community of Hillingdon and the General Practices that serve that community. We have a positive approach to collaborative working and improving health care, which is very much ‘place based’. With Hillingdon as our ‘place’.

We set up, implement and run support services to our Member GP Practices, and Primary Care Networks. Our offer is to be supportive in the interests of primary care, to be great value, local and responsive and high quality.

Purpose, Vision, Objectives

OUR PURPOSE: Better Health Through Collaborative Primary Care

OUR VISION: To be the lead for and at scale provider, in an interdependent, innovative group of primary care providers collaborating to deliver transformative improvements in patient care in a sustainable, high value, community focussed manner


  1. Establish a range of sustainable at scale provider services
  2. Develop efficient and effective Support Services required by PCNs and The Confederation
  3. Make Collaborative Primary Care resilient and sustainable
  4. Make Hillingdon ‘THE’ Place to Work