The three things we do:

  1. Provision of primary care* clinical services to patients
  2. Provision of support services to our Member practices and our partners
  3. Represent the interests of ‘provider’ Primary Care* in Hillingdon with our partners and within forums in Hillingdon and across London

*See note on ‘Primary Care’ below

Provision of primary care clinical services to patients is based on our ability to provide services at scale that are best delivered through a GP led service, but need to operate at a scale far bigger than an individual practice, either due to the resources and skills needed, or the efficiencies required. Primary care in Hillingdon works collaboratively amongst 43 practices that are formed into 9 Primary Care Networks and 1 Confederation. This means that local GPs can access a greater resource and range of skills than ever before, whilst providing care at a level as close to the patient as possible.

Provision of support services to Member practices, extends to the Primary Care Networks. All practices and Networks can access the same purchasing group for the best price on practice supplies, the same locum bank for commission free supply of locally assured clinicians, the same training and development provided locally by an award winning workforce team and so on. We don’t compete with our practices and or commit any practice to having to sign up to our services. Our offer is to be supportive in the interests of primary care, to be great value, local and responsive and high quality. Above all to support General Practice and the Primary Care Networks to do things they need to do, but that are difficult and/or expensive for them on their own.

*A note on the term ‘Primary Care’. Primary Care is a term used ubiquitously in UK healthcare and is rarely pinned down to a specific definition. It can include virtually all non-hospital health care, but normally excluding mental health and community beds in local community run hospitals. So in this broad sense it includes all community nursing, optometrists, dentists, GPs, pharmacists etc. It also however is used to include that group of clinical professionals normally working in GP practices. It is this use of the term we assume in The Confederation.