Our clinical pharmacists have had a huge impact in GP surgeries across the borough. From resolving day-to-day medicine issues and consulting with patients to being directly involved in the management and care of complex conditions and leading clinics and treatment plans for patient’s care pathways.

Their expertise in medicines has been especially  paramount of late, and with so many drug shortages being a major problem in the community, they have been actively working around the clock to ensure patients are prescribed alternatives to support their conditions.

Many patients have been taking part in clinical medical reviews with our pharmacists, with a high number of interventions taking place; deprescribing medication in polypharmacy, initiating therapy and ensuring the continuing monitoring and care needed by patients on high risk medication is taking place.

One of the most important factors of educating service users in Hillingdon regarding their medication has helped cut costs for GPs and the NHS, with more and more patients being more willing to be prescribed more cost effective treatments and medications that hold evidence-based value.

Audits and searches are being conducted by the whole team in all surgery’s, identifying the most at risk patients according the medication they are taking and condition they suffer with. These patients are being looked at thoroughly to make sure their medicine is optimised for them, their outcomes are improved, they are taking their medication correctly and that any risks involved with drugs that need constant monitoring are investigated accordingly and kept up to date. This has helped reduce wastage of medicines and improved medicine and patient safety.

Our clinical pharmacists have also been actively involved in leading and implementing changes as a result of drug withdrawals, medication changes and drug alerts. These have been aimed at improving medicines and patient safety across the population.​