The Confederation Hillingdon CIC, who are formed from 43 GP practices across the borough, and form part of the integrated care group Hillingdon Health and Care Partners (HHCP) alongside CNWL, has reflected on their journey of the Covid-19 vaccination programme by creating a video.

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Working closely with CNWL to provide community nursing within Hillingdon, The Confederation has been overseeing the vaccine deployment on behalf of GP practices, contributing to the operation of vaccination hubs, as well as working to enhance the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine to vulnerable residents.

Capturing feedback from Doctors, Nurses, Vaccinators, Administration staff, Facilities teams, Volunteers and Patients, the video showcases the collaborative efforts between the HHCP partners to support the local Hillingdon community in response to the pandemic.

“We have worked together with our partners, the CCG, the local authority and our community” says Lalita Scott, Head of Business Transformation at the Confederation. She continues:

“In a time where we are facing such turmoil and sadness, we can work together. The video shows our phenomenal team, using our energy to positively connect and work closely with our providers to make a difference.”

Over 1,500 people in Hillingdon need to be vaccinated at home, and the Confederation joined forces with the company Trakm8 on route optimisation software, allowing frontline nursing staff and care teams from CNWL to plan the most efficient route for home vaccinations. This is different to the traditional approach, where community nurses are responsible for devising the route plans manually.

"The vaccination programme has showcased partnership working at its best,” adds Dr Ritu Prasad, Chair of the Confederation.

“We are eternally grateful to our CNWL, Local Authority and H4ALL colleagues and volunteers for helping us vaccinate the most vulnerable housebound patients, those in care homes as well as patients with learning difficulties. With all of us working as a unified team the atmosphere was phenomenal and something we will always cherish."

Kim Rice, CNWL’s Professional Lead Nurse and Adult Clinical Services Manager at Beaufort House in Hillingdon explains:

“Working on the housebound vaccination program with system partners has been one of the best experiences of my career. Our staff have loved being part of the whole programme and it really was an opportunity to break down organisational barriers and do what was needed.

“It has given me hope that life will return to normal. It feels less like being a victim and having something to fight back with because we are in it together. Seeing how happy people are to get the vaccine has been amazing and humbling.”

The integrated working across HHCP has been praised by many of the partners including Clare Leahy, Community Development Manager at the incorporated charitable organisation H4All.

“H4All were delighted to be able to support the immense community response to the vaccination programme. Our volunteers, all of whom are residents of the borough, were quick to respond to the ‘call to action’. We knew the volunteer workforce would work as hard as possible to ensure a safe, effective roll out of the vaccination, alongside our NHS partners, enabling us to keep Hillingdon safe and look forward to life as we know it to resume.”

Another is Martin Speechley, Hillingdon Hospital’s Patient Transport & Waste Services Manager. His team provide support for community NHS services and stepped up at short notice to help get Covid-19 testing sites and vaccine centres in Hillingdon up and running. He says:

“I’ve always enjoyed working with the community and have been for a while. This past year has brought together many services and colleagues. It just happened, with none of the barriers that would hamper progress. Very proud to have been able to work with dedicated NHS staff across all services and levels - well done to all.”

Hillingdon Council was also involved in setting up two key vaccination hubs. Gary Penticost, Head of Repairs, Engineering, Planned Works and Facilities Management says: “The pandemic has brought out a wonderful team spirit and what’s been really heartening is how everyone came together very quickly to get things done. It has been a great example of partnership working.”

Watch The Confederation’s full video here.

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