Hillingdon Receptionists’ Competency Framework Booklets

Hillingdon Primary Care Workforce Team is proud to have designed and implemented the Hillingdon Receptionists’ Competency Framework – three levels of booklets to guide receptionists and administrators through induction and career development in GP practice.

Booklet Levels • The Standard Level is most useful as an induction tool.
• The Advanced Level continues the competency progress to Reception Manager; Administrator; Deputy PM type responsibilities.
• The Top Level is geared towards those who wish to progress to Practice Management or take a different career path and become experts in Clinical Correspondence Management (eg Medical or GP Assistants) or specialise more in patient care as Signposters; Navigators and perhaps onwards into Social Prescribing; Care Coordination type work. The booklets are colour coded along these three career paths.

Further Competency Frameworks

• There is a competency framework designed by HEENCEL for Navigators and Coordinators who work at a wider level than within a GP practice reception.
• To become an HCA, the Care Certificate and Clinical Training must be completed and this is described separately in a Hillingdon HCA Competency and Training booklet.

Implementing in Hillingdon Hillingdon’s GP practice staff have used this Framework and these booklets in printed versions with certificates handed out on completion. The printing was done by NHS Creative (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who have reasonable printing costs, are an NHS organisation and won’t charge much further design costs should others adapt these booklets for their own NHS primary care areas. The booklets have formed the basis of a programme of business skills, practice processes (clinical correspondence and signposting), non-clinical training, and change management and peer support across all Hillingdon practices.

Sharing the Framework The Framework has been shared across many areas of North London and the rest of the country. If other areas are interested in using these booklets, please feel free, but do engage your practices and practice staff in the journey to adapt and own them. And do please make room, if you brand them as your own, to credit the original concept to Hillingdon Workforce Team.

If you would like Word versions of the competency areas or copies of the Certificates to use, or you would like to know anything further about our programme and its implementation, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..